Véra Eisenmann

Skull proportions, excluding the size of the preorbital ‘bar’ (32) : Group B

lundi 31 mai 2010 par Véra Eisenmann

Group B.

B-1. Thirteen skulls referrable to Cormohipparion B, differ from the group A mostly by their longer naso-incisival notches. They tend also to have longer muzzles and shorter palates.

B-2. Two skulls are similar but quite smaller.

B-3. Five skulls have a long muzzle.

B-4. One skull (74400 from MacAdams) has a wide muzzle.

B-5. Three skulls, with very wide muzzles, belong in Group B.

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Skulls B-5

31 mai 2010
info document : Excel
78.5 ko

Group B-3

31 mai 2010
info document : Excel
47 ko

Skull B-4 MacAdams 74400

31 mai 2010
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39.5 ko

Group B-2

31 mai 2010
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44 ko

Group B-1

31 mai 2010
info document : Excel
57 ko

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